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The Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute facilitates patient-centred research that will improve health outcomes for the residents of Northwestern Ontario (including meeting specific needs of rural communities, Indigenous communities, and at-risk populations) and for people around the world. Most of the research projects at the Health Research Institute involve imaging and related fields in the following three areas:

Research Program

How do I do research?

All research involving human participants conducted at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute and the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC) is managed by the Research Program at the TBRHSC to ensure patient safety, adherence to ethical guidelines, and overall excellence. This includes all research that involves TBRHSC facilities, equipment, staff, patients, or patient data, and all research conducted by TBRHSC staff.

In addition to providing patients with more treatment options in clinical trials, the program also facilitates meaningful opportunities to engage and enable staff, clinicians, and scientists in developing relevant discovery-based research. The Research Program strives to maximize the benefits of TBRHSC’s research for the academic community and to advance knowledge in ways that improve the quality of life in local and global communities.

The Health Research Institute aims to better facilitate research and help researchers including both scientists and clinicians meet all requirements in order to successfully launch their research projects. The goal is to ensure that research connected with the TBRHSC and the Health Research Institute is patient-centred and conducted in a transparent and ethical manner.

For more information, questions, or help preparing research proposals, please contact the

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