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Imaging-Guided Interventions

Imaging-guided interventions such as HIFU can be used to improve surgical procedures that result in better outcomes and faster recovery for patients. The Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute is a world leader in several techniques including Dr. Samuel Pichardo’s work with SickKids to use magnetic resonance-guided HIFU (MRgHIFU) to lysis blood clots in newborns after an intraventricular haemorrhage (IVH), among other uses. He is also working closely with Philips Healthcare to develop new software to improve imaging ability, which will lead to faster, safer HIFU treatments.

Scientists at the Health Research Institute including Dr. Pichardo and Dr. Laura Curiel are helping develop improved HIFU transducers to reduce their size and energy used during procedures such as ablation of uterine fibroids, and much less invasive technique than conventional surgery with faster recovery and better outcomes for women.

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