Cyclotron Facility

Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute – Cyclotron Facility

Office Area Shipping Area Quality Control Lab Clinical Production Lab Technical Area Research Lab Cyclotron Gas Room Cyclotron Vault

Cyclotron/Cyclotron Vault

The vault is where the cyclotron is housed in the facility. It is a specially designed room surrounded by 8 feet of concrete to limit exposure to radiation. The facility and external environment have been tested extensively to ensure public safety.

The Cyclotron is a particle accelerator that can be used to generate radioactive materials. Basically, the cyclotron is comprised of seven main sections:

-Ion Source Injection System
-Main Tank
-Extraction Probes
-Beam Lines
-Vacuum System
-Radio Frequency System

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Research Lab

The facility has a state-of-the-art research laboratory that is well equipped to handle radioactive material safely.

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Technical Space

This is the technical area behind the hot cells of the research and clinical production labs.

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Cyclotron Equipment and Gasses

In this room adjacent to the cyclotron vault you will find gasses used to operate the cyclotron, radiation safety equipment, cyclotron cooling systems, as well as equipment used to power cyclotron components.

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Clinical Production Area

All radiopharmaceuticals intended for clinical use must be produced and packaged in a sterile environment. It is crucial that the environment in our clinical production area is cleaned properly and monitored to ensure that it meets strict industry regulations. Patient safety is paramount.

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Quality Control Room

The Quality Control Program is vital to ensuring patient safety. Strict guidelines must be followed to ensure that the radiopharmaceutical is suitable for clinical use.

  • Multichannel analyzer- determination of radionuclidic purity
  • Radio-TLC plate reader- determination of radiochemical purity
  • Well counter- determination of radionuclidic identity
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Shipping Area

To limit outside contamination of our sterile environment from the rest of the facility, the pig is delivered to the shipping area via pass through hatch.

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Cyclotron Control Room

Remote operation of the cyclotron occurs in the control room. The operator can also monitor the radiation levels throughout the facility from this location

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